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Sisters in Song

The Sisters

Read the profiles of the sisters below and find out about the girls that will be making your event great!

Maria Rosean

Maria is the baby of the family! She has performed throughout the North West over many years as a solo artiste and lead vocalist in several bands. Maria's contribution to S.I.S is a powerful and engaging vocal performance which never fails to please.

In 2004 Maria had a singing role in BBC/Pathe's film 'Mrs Henderson Presents' starring Dame Judy Dench. She appeared on screen singing the song 'Babies of the Blitz' which was recorded for the album of the film's soundtrack.

Maria performed at the Opening Party for the film and was also invited to sing alongside Will Young at the BBC's televised 'VE' Celebrations in Trafalgar Square in front of an estimated audience of millions in 2005.

Tracey Louise

Tracey (number 3 of 4 sisters) was raised in a happy 'show-business' family which has had a significant effect in all their lives. Tracey is most happiest when singing with her sisters!

Tracey has been performing both solo and in bands from an early age and is proud to include Sky TV and the Excel Stadium in Docklands in her gig list.

Passionate about performing, and getting things 'just right', she is influenced by many artistes from the world of soul, rock and swing. Tracey brings natural harmonies and a keen musical eye to S.I.S ensuring a professional and polished performance.

These sensational singing Sisters truly are doing it for themselves!

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